Buffet Palace is an upscale all-you-can-eat Asian restaurant. Buffet Palace offers best food, best atmosphere, and vest services at an affordable price. Each restaurant is designed to create unique modern Asian but comfortable family atmosphere that seats up to 350 patrons. Buffet Palace’s serves best of Japanese, Korean, and Chinese cuisines on the buffet.

The main attraction at the buffet is our griddle station where our chefs prepare not only Asian pancakes and delectable dumplings, but stir-fry many Asian classics, such as bulgoki. Several restaurants feature sushi bars where chefs prepare 10 to 20 kinds of excellent sushi, nigiri sushi on dinners and weekends. Of course, the buffet showcases 30 to 35 kinds of best hot entrees. Not only serving hot entrees, the buffet also features 10 to 15 kinds of garden fresh salads, 4 to 6 piping hot soups  and made in house desserts of homemade cakes, cookies, fruits, and other desserts.

Every day of the week features an exceptional daily special and chef specials creates on our own chefs’ whim. Everything is made in house using freshest ingredients. Please come and find out why Austin Chronicles’s readers have voted us as “BEST ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT” 8 years in a row!

The buffet features 8 kinds of delectable made from scratch soups, a feast for your eyes salads, 12 to 20 kinds of expertly prepared sushi rolls made skillfully by our expert sushi chefs, delicious homemade desserts, and pan-fried dumplings and Asian pancakes right in front of you.
We are committed to provide you with the best food, first class service, and fun casual atmosphere. Come and see us for an unforgettable dining experience second to none!